Granite Basin Suppliers

According to most granite basin suppliers, having a granite basin’s countertop in your kitchen lends it great warmth and beauty too as granite is not only durable but very easy to maintain as well. You will find granite countertops quite ideal, as they are resistant to both scratch and heat but even with this resistance, it does not mean that granite doesn’t need maintenance, in order to maintain its great shine it needs regular cleaning. As granite basin suppliers put it, granite’s cleaning is simple as the method does not require anyone to be a specialist and below is the step by step guide on how to keep the granite clean.

Procedure to clean granite

  • Step one: Use tissue papers to blot oils, spills and juices that are noted on the granite’s surface
  • Step two: Use a stone soap obtained from granite basin suppliers; clean the surface of the granite but if the soap is missing, then a regular mild dish washing liquid is good as well and warm water is preferable as it will help leave the granite spotlessly clean.
  • Step three: After the above two steps are done, the granite basin suppliers advise that it is important to rinse the granite using water and this should be followed by using a clean soft cloth to dry it up.
  • Step four: If the above steps are followed keenly, then all the accumulated grime and dirt will be washed away. However, its still possible to have stains on the surface of the granite after this and in such a case, you will form a paste by mixing a cup of flour with both water and a tablespoon of the dish washing paste, place the mixture on all notable stains and cover all these stains with wraps that are made of plastic.
  • Step five: Sometimes the stain may turn out to be disturbing if it happens to have been caused by milk, oil, butter or cream. If this is true, then you will need to apply on them a paste that was realized by mixing hydrogen peroxide with flour and water. Sometimes, it may turn out that the stain was caused by coffee or tea and in such a case you will apply a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide on the stains and later cover them with plastic wraps.
  • Step six: Allow the mixture to stay overnight and later take a ladle made of wood and scratch this mixture out of the surface then use warm water to rinse and a dry cloth to dry.

Composition of the granite

According to granite basin suppliers, granite is made up of feldspar, quartz, potassium and very little calcite and it is a hard material, has dark looking colors and is very easy to maintain. Depending on the percentage mixture of the above components, it is possible to have different types of granite. 

Granite costs and prices

The cost of granite countertops may range from $50 to $160 per square feet including installation and class A, B, C of the granite grouping has different costs as well and if you cannot do it yourself, it is prudent to have the granite basin suppliers to install it for you.



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