Granite Basin Types

Granite Basin Types

Granite is one of those luxurious materials that scream class and style, although it is expensive but it is remarkably durable and long-lasting. Many people consider granite basin types when having a new kitchen fitted or their old one re-modeled and the reason for this is that you can get a wide variety of granite basin types and not all of them may suit your needs.

Let’s consider a few different types here:

  • Double bowl
  • Single bowl
  • Under counter
  • Over counter

Choosing a granite basin for the kitchen needs careful thought and attention. A double bowl is a good idea as it separates the basins out for two different functions but the granite basin types also need to have a good depth to them, as a shallow bowl will be no good for washing up or any other tasks to be undertaken in the kitchen so shallow basins are more useful in the bathroom.

Give your bathroom a new look

It has to be said there is something very chic about black granite because the smooth stone (not composite) that makes up the granite basin types is cool and inviting and the curved bowls that form part of your bathroom suite can be oriental looking or neo classical.

Finding your granite basin

One of the good granite basin types is made all in one piece and is seamless because it has been carved from stone, which is what granite is, into the desired shape, all in one flowing movement. Although black is one of the very popular granite basin types, and people demand this more than any other color, you can still get granite basin types in other colors, such as white or gray or a mix of colors, depending on the formation of the stone.

Just basins?

You may like the look and feel of granite so much that you do not want to limit your choice of fitting to granite basin types, you may feel that you would like a complete vanity basin in your bathroom made from granite and this luxurious option is also available for you too.

A granite bathtub may be pushing it a little far, but why not? If you can splash the cash, why not opt for the luxury end of the market as it is after all, an investment and not just an indulgence. However, do be aware that granite and marble are very hard stones and with that hardness come heaviness too so ensure your floor can take the strain of a granite bathtub, if that is your option rather than one of the granite basin types. Remember that the strain will be increased once the bathtub is filled with water and humans!

You may need to get an expert to look at your floor and reinforce the floorboards if necessary as some floors are made from concrete and if yours is then you will have no problem supporting the granite bathtub because it may be costly making the adjustments to the floor so be sure to include this in your budget.



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