Verde Butterfly Granite Basins

Verde Butterfly Granite Basins

The use of Verde Butterfly granite basins in the kitchen or bathroom can effectively convey a statement. This particular type of granite rock quarried from Brazil continues to amaze designers and home owners due to its aesthetic appearance and flexible nature. Although verde butterfly granite can be used in almost all portions of the house, most designers and homeowners prefer to make use of it in kitchen countertops and islands. However, the use of Verde butterfly granite basins can also provide a classy look to your typical bathroom. Prefabricated Verde butterfly basins come in the form of vessel sinks, though you can have them customized by artisans and stone carvers.

Before Shopping for Verde Butterfly Granite Basins

Choosing granite as the material for your kitchen or bathroom sink is a lifetime investment. Since they are extremely durable and elegant, obviously, they come at a considerable price. That is why you should ensure that you choose the right basin.

  • Determine your needs
    Of course, the right sink should meet your specific requirements. First, your sink should fit in the available space. Second, decide whether you need a single or double bowl sink and under mount or drop-in sink. Lastly, make sure that your sink is compatible with the plumbing fixtures in your house. This is very important especially when shopping for prefabricated sinks.

  • Know your options
    With regards to Verde Butterfly granite basins, the options are quite limited. The available prefab basins are usually rounded vessel sinks. However, you may opt for custom-made basins which are more expensive.

Best Places to Buy Verde Butterfly Granite Basins in the U.S.

In the U.S., The Tile Shop sells Verde Butterfly rounded granite vessel sinks at $399 apiece. You may visit the nearest Tile Shop store in your place to see if it suits your needs. They can be found in 20 locations with nearly 100 stores nationwide, or you may call their toll free hotline at 1-888-398-6595. You may also visit home improvement shops and showrooms and inquire if they also sell Verde Butterfly granite basins.

If you don’t find it in local home improvement stores, you may visit stone carving shops like Amlink Marble located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They specialize in hand carving and sculpting monuments and even basins. You may call their toll free hotline, 1-888-790-7964. Besides, your local home contractor or designer can also help you find other sources of Verde Butterfly granite basins.

Caring Tips for Verde Butterfly Granite Basins

While it is true that cleaning granite sinks is very relatively easy, you still have to do it with care. There are specially formulated granite cleaners that you can use when cleaning your granite sink. Or, you can utilize mild soap and warm water in case you have not yet purchased granite cleaners. When cleaning the sink, use a sponge or non-abrasive cloth and wipe any soap deposits. To keep your Verde Butterfly granite basins glossy and smooth, do not forget to reseal them once in a while.



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