Granite Basins Costs

Granite Basins Costs

Granite basins costs usually come to mind if you’re planning on installing granite basins in your kitchen or bathroom area. Granite basins are definitely more expensive than any other materials used for kitchen or bathroom sinks. But a number of homeowners still go for granite basins because they are extremely durable and stylish.

Granite basins costs largely depend on how they are made, whether they are carved out from solid granite, made from slabs that have been cut and fused together, or composite granite. Regardless of how granite basins are made, they are still durable and can last for years to come. Learning about granite basins costs can help you stay within your budget while remodeling your kitchen or bathroom sink.

How are Granite Basins Made?

There is a huge gap in costs based on the way granite basins are made. Although they may differ in the materials used and how they were prepared, these sinks are durable, water tight, and have a sleek and elegant appearance.

  • Solid granite
    You can choose to have your granite basin carved from a solid granite slab. The best thing about this is that it allows you to customize your granite basin to any size and design that you wish. A solid granite basin costs up to $5,000 or even higher, so it really is not a very practical option if you’re on a tight budget.

  • Slab granite
    Basins made from multiple granite slabs may be a good alternative to the more costly solid granite. However, slab granite sinks are not as reliable because there are joints which may pose problems in the future if they are sealed incorrectly. The flatter bottom of a slab granite basin may cause the water to linger instead of drain easily.

  • Composite granite
    Composite granite basins are made from the combination of resin, small chips and crushed granite particles. These basins are cheaper substitutes for the pricey solid or slab granite basins.

Comparing Granite Basins Costs in the U.S.

Below is a price comparison of the top brands of composite granite basins in the U.S.

  • Franke USA
    Franke’s line of composite granite sinks is available in single and double bowl kitchen basins for both topmount and undermount. Single bowl granite sinks are available in champagne, white, slate and onyx, at prices ranging from $350 to $450. Double bowl granite sinks come in champagne, slate, white, graphite and polar white colors, with prices between $400 and $500.

  • Swanstone
    Swanstone’s granite basins are available in undermount and drop-in sinks. Their single bowl granite basin is priced at $266, double bowl at $321, large single ascend bowl at $333, entertainment sink at $342, and bar sink at $230.

  • Blanco
    Blanco offers single and double bowl granite sinks including bar sinks, and could either be undermount or drop-in. Prices for single bowl sinks range from $320 to $450, $400 to $500 for double bowl, and $239 for bar sinks.

Now that you have an idea about granite basins costs, know your needs and find the right basin for your kitchen or bathroom space.




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