Where to Buy Granite Basins

Where to Buy Granite Basins

Everyone who is planning on installing granite sinks in their bathroom or kitchen should know where to buy granite basins. Knowing where to buy granite basins not only entails learning about the places where you can get the basins that look good, but it also involves getting the right basin that suits your needs, options and budget availability. You can later on incorporate your granite basins needs and style preferences when you know where to buy granite basins.

Choosing the Right Granite Basin

Purchasing granite basins requires comprehending your needs first. Beyond the price factor, several things must be considered to guide you where to buy granite basins. First, your granite basin should match your bathroom space. If you have a tiny space, this may mean choosing a space-saving basin. With a wide variety of granite basins out there, you will definitely find the one that will fit into your bathroom. Second, choose the granite basin that is compatible with your plumbing fixtures. This is very important because there is no universal granite basin, so not all granite basins will work with all plumbing fixtures.  It is therefore important to ask for professional advice before you buy. Finally, take a closer look at how much are you willing to spend for a granite basin.

Different Types of Granite Bathroom Basins

  • Pedestal Basin
    This type of sink is your best option in achieving an old-fashioned appearance. Pedestal sinks look elegant while hiding pipes underneath the sink.

  • Wall-mounted Basin
    Your sink should be mounted on the wall if you have a limited bathroom space. Although it is very economical, this type exposes the pipes and has no extra storage space.

  • Vessel Basin
    This is the hottest trend in the market these days as it looks like a tub, bowl or saucer. As the name suggests, it sits on top of a counter like a vessel.

  • Under counter Basin
    It resembles a drop-in sink sitting underneath the counter. This sink is a popular choice because cleaning can be done easily.

  • Drop-in Basin
    Drop-in sink is quite common in the U.S. It offers storage and countertop space and also hides the pipes, so it is extremely practical. 

Where to Buy Granite Basins in the U.S.

When shopping for granite basins, consider these names.

  • MoenStone
    This is Moen’s line of composite granite sinks which are highly durable and functional to suit every need. Choose among MoenStone’s granite basins in black, metallic, white, ivory and blue colors. For questions and orders, call Moen at their toll free hotline 1-800-289-6636.

  • Franke
    The well-known and largest manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen sinks, Franke’s granite basins are a must-see too in slate, white and champagne colors. Should you need more information, call Franke at 1-800-637-6485.

  • Blanco
    A leader in sink industry across the globe, Blanco’s composite granite basins are among the most sought-after in the market these days. For orders, call them through 1-800-451-5782.

  • Swanstone

A well-known manufacturer of high-quality sinks, Swanstone’s composite granite basins are some of the best loved. For more info, call Swanstone at 1-800-325-7008.


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