What is Granite

What is Granite

Granite used to be very common only in fine dining restaurants and five star hotels. But modern kitchen and bathroom spaces have also come to use granite. What is granite and why has it become so popular in home renovation and remodeling projects?

What is Granite and why is it Used?

A lot of people have asked the question, “What is granite?”  Granite is a type of igneous rock which forms when magma or molten rock cools near the Earth’s surface. It is a naturally occurring rock found in huge quantities throughout the Earth’s surface and is widely known for its strength and durability. No wonder granite is widely used in buildings, monuments, pavements, gravestones, tile floors as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops. With regards to style, granite exudes an air of luxury and there is no better way to infuse some elegance into your house than using granite in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and countertops.

Types of Granite

Learning about what granite is involves knowing its different types and there are thousands of them all over the world. Choosing the right type of granite for your kitchen or bathroom sink or countertop is very important. The following are some of the popular types of granite used in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Blue Pearl Granite
    This type of granite was originally found in Norway and is well-liked because of its shiny appearance due to a combination of silver and metallic blue color. Blue Pearl granite lends a bright appearance to your kitchen and bathroom countertop.

  • Santa Cecilia Granite
    Originating from Brazil, this particular type of granite is characterized by its gold color. Santa Cecilia granite is best for vanity counters, kitchen countertops and fireplaces.

  • Verde Butterfly Granite
    Verde Butterfly granite is very popular due to its aesthetic and flexible nature. It can be used in different parts of the house but most people prefer to utilize it for kitchen islands and worktops. Although it may be available in different colors, Verde Butterfly granite is usually offered in gold and green colors.

  • New Venetian Gold Granite
    This type is known for its classy and attractive look. It has a light color with a good backdrop of light brown, quarts and garnet. Sometimes, orange or rust colors are seen too.

  • Baltic Brown Granite
    Baltic Brown granite comes from Finland and is one of the most sought-after granites. It comes in gold and brown colors and perfect for bathroom and kitchen countertops as well as flooring and fireplace.

  • Crema Bordeaux Granite
    This particular type of granite is known for its versatility because it can be used in different parts of the house such as the bathroom, kitchen, fireplace and even outdoors. Furthermore, it is very durable and easily complements the existing home décor.

  • Giallo Ornamental Granite
    Another popular type of granite, Giallo Ornamental is used in household and industrial remodeling. This type of granite exhibits a yellow-beige color with small specks of gray and black.

Indeed, granite comes in a wide variety giving you more options to choose from. Learning about what is granite is very important in choosing the right type of granite for your home renovation projects.


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